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Here you find all the additional information, that is useful facts,  about Quiliaris on a "What you need to know" basis as a, let's say, tourist.

Since these are based on my notes, the layout is basic to non-existent. For now. I promise to improve them as soon as I develop any case of writer's block and find time for it.



  • Koreeam An Pyr: Soul of Fire


  • Sheba: Heart of Fire in the old language


  • Kri-Amra: Branding of Sword, Hashisin mark


  • Kri Charaes: Blessed Blades, King's Blades: store power of wielder, extensions of Warrior;


  • Ishim Mountains: greatest mountain range in Aro


  • Calae Mountains (border on Aliaenar)


  • Surrounding Lands:


Maretiz: Land of Eternal Ice and Grey Mountains NORTH


Tortaris: Land of Prosperity and Power  EAST


Imbra: Land of the Golden Sun  SOUTH


Great Ocean   WEST


  • Aliaenar's Rocky Guards:

King's Sword

Queen's Throne

God's Eye



  • Pyriant'ha: native language of Pyr
  • Arath'io: language of Aro


  • Wind Flower: Ishim Mountains, Ice Gardens, origin of Wind power


  • Soul of Fire: Koreeam An Pyr, origin of Fire power


  • Golden Egg of the Isgrim Eagle has great healing properties


  • Elhrasin: old language of the Hashisin


  • Prophecy:

From the shadows one will rise

Robbed of all his firstborn rights;

From the light one will descend,

Lending force to feeble hands;

Light and shadow both combined

Their fates forever intertwined;

Joining forces in a net of lies,

Together they will end the fights

That will seek to ruin our land;

Give and take eternal friends,

Scales of balance evenly aligned,

High King and Queen will rule as is divined.



  • Hashisin means "Warrior of the Gods" in the old language



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