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List of Characters


This is a list of characters based on the cast of Soul of Fire. I will update this list as new characters appear (and they tend to appear out of nowhere while I'm writing). This list is based on my notes, which is why it is rather rudimentary. If I ever get around to order them 'properly' and improve the layout, you will get it immediately after it is ready. Until then - this is it.


  • Water Kingdom: IQUIS-TA, IQUIS, BLUE


Master Carbin: best Herbs vendor in Limenis;


Sireu: Warrior, Hashisin Apprentice, Warrior, high level Water E; Mentor: Cliro; sec. Healer; 18;


Cliro: Hashisin, strong Water Elementar, sec. Muse;


  • Wind Kingdom: CYN-ARO, ARO, WHITE


Belimar Cyn-Aro: King of Aro, red/green;


Andara Tir-Belas: late Queen of Aro, blond/blue;


Osric Cyn-Aro: Heir, red hair, green eyes, 6'5, Erudite, 20;


Ascaris Cyn-Aro: white-blond hair, light blue eyes, 6'10, Osric's whipping boy, Warrior, one of the strongest Wind E,  sec. Erudite; Hashisin Apprentice, Mentor: Rayza An-Pyr, 19;

Rim: Mountain Breed


Danis Cyn-Aro: red h, green e, youngest brother, 16, 6'8, mate of Kerissa, Hashisin Apprentice, Mentor: Tertios;


Ham Te-Bereros: cordwainer in Hardvell, father of Kerissa;


Aislinn Cyn-Aro: late mother of Kerissa, daugther of Eadraed;


Kerissa Te-Bereros:  red h, green e, Healer Apprentice, limp, mate of Danis, 16, friend of Sheba;


Eadraed Cyn-Aro: chieftain of Hardvell, grandmother of Kerissa; sister of Belimar;


Freade Tiu-Scaro: late noble mate of Eadraed, father of Aislinn;


Barin Cyr-Arais: Captain of the Hashisin Guard, Chairman of the H Guild, Lightning, 6'8, strategist, tactician, best Hashisin, former C of the Royal Fire Guard;


Beren: Wind Warrior, Hashisin, high level;


  • Fire Kingdom: AN-PYR, PYR, RED


Damiar An-Pyr: Great Grandfather of Sheba An-Pyr and last High King of Quiliaris (350 years ago);


Maris An-Pyr: black hair, blue eyes, Warrior  King, Hashisin training, strongest Fire Elementar of his generation;

King: Desert Mount

Diarsa Di-Tera: brown hair, brown eyes, Erudite Earth Elementar;


Kara An-Pyr: black hair, dark brown eyes, Master Erudite-Law, Gift of Omniscience, Regent after Maris' death until Tarek of age, second son, mediator, business sense, 65;


Rayza An-Pyr: black hair, dark brown eyes, 6' 5, youngest of three Fire princes, long braid, Warrior, Hashisin, spy, Onyx, Hradshin Brean,  Idris, 55;

Prancer: Ter Mount x Desert Mount


Tarek An-Pyr: brown, brown eyes, 6'0, Erudite, Gift of Omniscience, Business, Law; Heir, twin of Sheba, 16;


Sheba Timaris An-Pyr: black hair, cerulean eyes, 6'1, Warrior + Charmer, Esendri status because women can't be Warriors, Idris, Blessed/Chosen by Nyx; lived in Pyras-Altahir -Rayza-Aliaenar, 16, Shea Onyx,  Little Shadow;

Chari: Lord of Desert Mounts, Wild Breed, Chosen by Nyx


Ari Ben Alhar: Consul of Kara in Altahir, advisor, weak in mind, Erudite-Law, History;


Safi Alhar: best friend of Tarek in Altahir, egoistical, Warrior - midlevel, 17;


Nuri An-Inis: son of Altri, the saddle maker, Warrior-high level, 18, Mentor: Beren, Hashisin Apprentice;

Princess: Desert Mount


Iosemini An-Inis: sister of Nuri, Muse-low level, died in uncontrollable Fire, 16;


Altri An-Inis: best saddle maker in Pyr, Muse - master craftsman;


Benali: Traitor, killed Maris and Diarsa, Consul of Maris, tortured Sheba, murdered King, out for Sheba, Warrior advisor and Charmer;


Jaza: Healer in Altahir;


Kalani: Warrior, guard of Sheba in Altahir when a child;


Important Places:

Altahir: biggest desert camp in Pyr;


Pyras: only fortified town in Pyr, Capital with fortress, mountain in the back;


Anac Turin: Plains of Death, between Aliaenar and Pyras;


Sir Aman'ti: Place of worship and sacrifice of the Fire people, Home of Nyx; forbidden, great sacrifice;



  • Earth Kingdom:  DI-TERA, TER, GREEN


Nia: mate of Rayza, head of Ter Sentra's Hareem, red-blond hair, light green eyes;


Healer Serabi: Chief Healer of the Hareem;


Dareos: Hashisin Apprentice, Warrior, Mentor: Blade, strong Earth Elementar, sec. Erudite; 19;


Tabaro: Hashisin Apprentice, Warrior, Mentor: Hobrao, sec. Charmer ability; 17;


Blade: light brown hair, green eyes, 6'10, Guild's Weapons Master, sec. Muse;

Rock: Ter Mount


Hobrao:  Hashisin, Keeper of animals (Hounds of Ter, gifts of Sol), sec. Charmer;


Tertios: Hashisin, severe and strict, Warrior, stick in the mud, sec. Erudite;


  • Hashisins

Barin Cyr-Arais

Rayza An-Pyr











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