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Inspired by the fairy tales of my childhood and the heroic epics of old, I let my imagination run wild and write stories of unknown lands where strange powers are at work and the heroes are those who realize that the greatest strength is always found within.




News & Updates


  • Me again: Sorry guys, I need another few days... unfortunately I need sleep and my kids deserve an attentive mother, not a zombie-like version of one that operates on four hours of sleep after spending the night working her ass off getting the final version ready (I'm pretty sure my editor ran out of red ink) Thanks for your patience and sorry for all the delays and disappointment I'm causing you...xoxo

     PS: To everyone waiting for an email: I'll reply as soon as I'm done      with Blaze of Fire!


  • Hi everyone! I know I promised Blaze of Fire for November, but as I was working on the final draft I realized that something was missing, that it didn't feel 'right.' So I decided that instead of publishing a version that is a mix between "Hmm" and "Blah" that will leave all of us, me included, not quite disappointed but not happy either, to take more time to get it just right. The good news is that Blaze of Fire is finally to be published on Dec 12, 2017 (this date is set in stone, because everyone involved in the process is busy with Xmas after that).

     Blaze of Fire is an important book in the series as its the bridge between      what was and what is to come. Moreover, it's about change and that's           reflected not only in the plot, but in structure and tone as well.

     I hope I will be forgiven for this new delay, but I don't want to look back        some time down the road and regret this book.


     Love, Caris


     PS: to answer another FAQ: the delay with Blaze of Fire means that      Feuerschwert 2.2 won't be out until end of January.  (posted 11/30/17)



  •  For all who can't wait for Blaze of Fire: here is a little sneak peek to tide you over...Blaze of Fire!       (posted 11/22/17)



  • Hinweis an alle Leser von Sword of Fire! Die deutsche Version, FeuerSchwert, wurde aufgrund der Länge von über 900 Seiten in zwei Teile geteilt:

     FeuerSchwert - Wandel (Chroniken von Quiliaris 2.1) und      FeuerSchwert - Flamme im Dunkel (Chroniken von Quiliaris 2.2).

     Der zweite Band erscheint Ende des Jahres, also im Dezember 2017.

     Alles Liebe und viel Spaß beim Lesen











  • SmaragdFeuer, the German Edition of Emerald Fire,   SmaragdFeuerSmaragdFeuer

is now available on Amazon! (posted 07/17/2017)





  • FeuerSeeleFeuerSeele

    FeuerSeele, the German Edition of Soul of Fire,

is now available on Amazon! (posted 12/16/2016)









  • On the Books page, you find...well, my books with descriptions, samples, and links to where you can get them. Please feel free to comment on my works! I want to know what you think! 
  • On the Freebies page, you find extras on my brandnew Chronicles of Quiliaris series, such as the Glossary, deleted scenes, additional information, and whatever else I think will be of interest for you.Another thing you can find there are free stories of my Scrapbook of Hell project, which is a short story cycle set in well, Hell featuring Lu, Mike, Anubis and the whole bunch of Greek/Roman/Norse/Aztec wannabes creating havoc everywhere between Heaven and Hell...It is new, it is different and I thoroughly enjoy writing those shorts...I hope you do to.New installments will be available as soon as I finish writing them!
  • On the Journal page, you find my journal (fancy word for blog) where I'll share my thoughts on writing with you, quotes and pictures that inspire me, or anything of interest related to that. Please comment to your heart's content, as I'm extremely interested in your thoughts on the topics.

  • This website is designed in a way that allows you to comment almost everything on my site, but for specific questions, wishes, and/or requests, please use the contact form on the (you guess it) Contact page.

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