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Here you find the glossary of my Quiliaris series. I will update that list as the series continues. But this here is the basis of my world. (And yes, I know that I'm a geek with a little bit of an OCD problem...)


  • Aliaenar: Old Court of the High King; secluded fortress of the Hashisins in the Calae Mountains between Pyr and Aro.
  • Element: metaphysical energy of earth, fire, wind and water, created by Sol and Nyx;
  • Elementar: person with an elemental power, i.e. a Wind Elementar; channels the energy of his or her element through his soul from the metaphysical to the physical in order to use it. According to the respective soul’s capacity to hold energy (weak and strong souls) the energy prolongs the Elementar’s life; if the Elementar draws too much energy the soul will burst leading to death.
  • Elhrasin: old language of the High Court; nowadays only used by the Hashisins as their secret language.
  • Erudite: person with the Talent of Knowledge; highly intelligent, curios and focused; are teachers and historians; magenta/orange/yellow sash according to rank; determine a person’s talent and strength and are in charge of the law.
  • Esendri: Caste of the ‘Vulnerable’ (literal meaning: ‘prey’), i.e. those without a talent or those with little to no amount of power; are sacrosanct and not to be harmed; usually servants and salespersons; color: violet.
  • Hareem: quarter of pleasure for Warriors and unmated men.
  • Hashisins: elite order of Warriors; the best Warriors of every element; guards of the High King of Quiliaris; non-guard members form the Guild, bringing justice for those who were wronged; leadership: Council of Masters led by the elected Chairman; attributes: Kri-Amra (brand of a sword), use of Elhrasin; possession of Searach, color: black.
  • Healer: person with the Talent of Healing; bronze /silver/ gold sash according to rank; can heal every physical injury short of death, as well as injuries of the soul.
  • High King of Quiliaris: elected in times of need by representatives of all four kingdoms to protect Quiliaris and its people; usually the leader of the Hashisins; the last High King was King Damiar An-Pyr 350 years ago.
  • House of Aro: royal family of the Kingdom of Wind; most powerful Wind Elementars; name: Cyn-Aro.
  • House of Iquis: royal family of the Kingdom of Water; most powerful Water Elementars; name: Iquis-ta.
  • House of Pyr: royal family of the Kingdom of Fire; most powerful Fire Elementars; name: An-Pyr.
  • House of Ter: royal family of the Kingdom of Earth, most powerful Earth Elementars; name: Di-Tera.
  • Idris: very rare; people born at midnight under a blue moon; also called Nightwalker, Shadow Walker, or Children of Nyx; favor food with low ‘solar energy’, i.e. edibles growing in umbra that don’t need a lot of sunshine; normal food holds no nutritional value for them and can make them ill; highly independent individuals; said to be gifted by Nyx with the ability to merge with the shadows and have an affinity for animals;
  • Kingdom of Earth: Ter, rural kingdom in the East; kingdom of farmers and craftsmen; Capital: Ter Sentra; color: green.
  • Kingdom of Fire: Pyr, desert Kingdom of the South; kingdom of nomads and travelling merchants; consists of several wide-spread camps or minor settlements; the biggest being Altahir, the Regent’s camp; Capital: Pyras, seat of the King’s court and only fortified city. Founded by outcasts and rogues of the other Kingdoms after being gifted with Fire by Nyx; color: red.
  • Kingdom of Water: Iquis, Kingdom of the West; kingdom of fishermen and sailors; provide the only access to the Great Ocean; Capital: Limenis; color: blue.
  • Kingdom of Wind: Aro, mountain Kingdom of the North; kingdom of miners and hunters; consists like Pyr mainly of scattered dwellings; Capital: Isburg, color: white.
  • Muse: person with the Talent of Fine Arts; bright, creative people, enjoy pleasing an audience; cyan/azure/petrol sash according to rank; muses are dancers, singers, literary writers, story tellers, artists and acrobats, as well as Charmers and Illusionists.
  • Naru: ‘ordinary’ people, opposite of Idris; Children of Sol.
  • Nyx: Goddess of Night; she is the source of death and rebirth and the patron of fall and winter; her energy is piercing, forceful and intensive; her element is Fire, her children are Idris.
  • Quiliaris: Peninsula in the West of the Great Lands consisting of four elemental Kingdoms; surrounded by Maretiz in the North, Tortaris in the East and Imbra in the South; Treaty of Concord ensures a fragile peace between the four lands.
  • Sol: God of the Sun; he is the source of life and the patron of the spring and summer. His energy is warm, generous and fertile; his elements are earth and water and wind; his children are called Naru.
  • Talent: area of an Elementar’s greatest aptitude; divided in four classes: knowledge, fine arts, healing, protection; every Elementar with a certain amount of power has a Talent.
  • Warrior: person with the Talent of Protection; highly protective instincts, excels in all things martial; crimson/indigo/ black sash according to rank; the best Warriors are allowed to try for the Hashisin at the age of 16.



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